Nursery to Year 9 Admissions Now Open ENROL NOW! 2024 - 25


Get to know Us

ARKS provides high-quality education that empowers its students to be successful and principled citizens in the local and global community.

The Logo

The ARKS Diyar logo was designed by Mr. Tariq Abdullatif Jasim Kanoo, with the support of Awal Plastics and Mr. Jalal Bucheri. The logo symbolises the circle of continuous learning and education. The colours are representative of the Founder, the late Abdulrahman Jasim Kanoo, favourite yellow and the blue, the warm waters of the archipelago of the Kingdom of Bahrain. The “Nusoor”, the strong and focused Arabian falcon. The stars to reach for and for which will forever guide you. The compass to never lose your way and keep centred. The flame representing energy, passion, drive, motivation and creativity. The knowledge and learning of the book and for which will see ARKS Diyar opened and operational in September 2022, which coincides with 25 years of trustworthy education credentials, since 1997, within the Kingdom of Bahrain.

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