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At Abdul Rahman Kanoo School, Diyar, we recognise the importance of promoting high standards of behaviour and methods of discipline within the school setting. We aim to provide a positive environment in which each student is respected and the right to learn is encouraged and protected. The need to enhance an individual’s potential at every stage of school life is of paramount importance. Counselling is an integral part of the school to support the emotional health and wellbeing of the students. In addition to assisting children in settling in and adjusting to school, our school counsellor works to advance the school’s overall objective of encouraging positive mental health and socio- emotional balance in students.  

The primary role of the School Social Counsellor is to:

  • Support and counsel students with wellbeing issues
  • Promote a positive mindset with all ARKS students 
  • Ensure a safe and supportive environment
  • Support students on a one-to-one basis
  • Provide group workshops to enhance social and emotional wellbeing 
  • Collaborate with staff and leaders on all behaviour management matters
  • Provide an inclusive environment and learning culture.