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Parent-Teacher Association (PTA)

Parents Teachers Association (PTA) is a voluntary organisation within the school formed every two years in which parents are appointed or nominated. Made up of six parents and six ARKS staff members, inclusive of the Principal, the overriding goal is to help the school achieve its vision, mission and values. It is seen as another layer in which to develop closer connections between home and school, and a snapshot of the ARKS parent body themselves. Their mandate is to support and work with the school with the PTA aiming to improve the environment at ARKIS through volunteer activities.


  1. To help build closer relations between parents, school and the wider community.
  2. To help in supporting the school in the development and organisation as well as sponsoring cultural, social, educational and sports activities- with the aim of empowering students to be successful and principled citizens in the local and global community.
  3. The PTA is an input group, designed to promote structured, two-way communication. As such, the PTA receives and shares feedback between members of the school and the school’s community; it helps to identify and clarify school related issues.
  4. The PTA is a resource for parents to provide input for consideration by the school.
  5. The PTA is not a decision-making body, rather its focus will be to provide input and insight and to make suggestions that can help to strengthen the school’s educational programmes. It is also a means for school administration to provide information on school programmes and activities.
  6. Represent the parents and provide support to the school as it pursues excellence in teaching and learning, and high standards of student achievement.
  7. To support and participate in organising extra-curricular activities, cultural celebrations, presentations, and sporting events that will benefit the school morally and educationally.
  8. To support the school with advice, recommendations and feedback to enrich the relationship between the school and home.
  9. To exchange experiences or knowledge that would benefit the school and its students, by inviting educated individuals in the community to give lectures or participate in panel discussions that deal with significant scientific, educational or artistic issues.

**as per the Terms of Reference 2023-2024 PTA**

Contact: [email protected]

PTA Members


Sara Alaalam : President

Sara Alaalam


Zahraa Haji : Secretary

Zahraa Haji


Reem Matar : Member

Reem Matar


Zainab Moosa : Member

Zainab Moosa


Sarah Al-Sharaf : Vice President

Sarah Al-Sharaf

Vice President

Safa Al-Adini : Member

Safa Al-Adini


Bright Danyo : Member

Bright Danyo


Salma Bucker : Member

Salma Bucker


Hayat Alhamarneh : Treasurer

Hayat Alhamarneh


Fatin Abdul Lathif : Member

Fatin Abdul Lathif


Ali Gholoom : Member

Ali Gholoom


Sara Shabib : Member

Sara Shabib