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School Facilities

The campus, built on a plot size of 26,608 sqm offers an innovative and environmentally driven approach. Solar panels and wind turbines will see ARKS Diyar being the first school in the Kingdom to harness such power. Secured outside learning spaces, indoor play area, rooftop gardens, recycling of the AC water for irrigation systems.

The modern and unique architecture offers double the recommended space per student (required by the Ministry of Education), with 269 underground car park spaces. Functional oversized corridors means’ the school is equipped for interactive sessions providing rich learning opportunities. FIBA approved basketball court, FIFA certified football pitches- four multipurpose courts and an indoor basketball court with spectators seating and locker rooms. The use of light and colour enhance the school which is dedicated to a holistic, intercultural learning and personalised development for our learners within our changing world. This is further reflected and thought- out by the Schools Mission and Vision and therefore the schools core values.

Designated drop off areas- with safety guarding measures at the centre of all decisions, including those with our staff and partners.  Staff and student tracking system, a first in schools within Bahrain that both enables parents to monitor your child’s journey to and from school- but the school to track once within the schools boundaries . We believe this another layer of Well Being the school offers and feeds into  our ethos of child protection and safeguarding.

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