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ARKS Diyar is a private school that opened its doors in the academic year 2022/23. The school started with classes from Nursery to Year 5, and currently offers classes up to Year 6. The school plans to expand each year and will be offering EYFS to Year 9 from Academic year 2024/2025.

At ARKS Diyar, we help every child reach their full potential, build their confidence, and foster a lifelong love for learning. The school offers a comprehensive and stimulating curriculum that is inspired by the British Curriculum. Our curriculum combines the Oxford and Cambridge curricula, which are both forward-looking and innovative, as well as blending theory and practice.

Our core subjects are English, Maths, Science, and Arabic, which are essential for developing academic skills and cultural awareness. We also offer a range of other subjects that enrich the learning experience of our students, such as Project-Based Learning (PBL), Digital Literacy, Art, Innovations, Wellbeing, Global Skills Project and Computing. These subjects are integrated with the core subjects and with each other to create a holistic and balanced curriculum that fosters creativity, collaboration, and problem-solving. Our lessons incorporate a problem-solving approach that nurtures the development of potential in children. This approach promotes self-awareness and the ability to understand one’s own learning. Children develop curiosity, become open-minded, and are increasingly ready to take on challenges.

Regular and ongoing assessment for learning allows teachers to make professional judgments about student achievement and to adapt the teaching program to meet each student’s learning needs. In Key Stage 2 and 3, we also have end-of-topic summative assessments to measure the student’s progress and attainment. We provide regular and specific feedback to enhance the children’s understanding of their next steps in learning. Additionally, we issue termly report cards to inform the parents and guardians about the student’s academic performance and areas of improvement.

With an educational history in Bahrain of more than 25 years of experience in education (since 1997), we are one of the only private schools in Bahrain with two campuses (since 2022) under Abdulrahman Kanoo’s educational group.

As the children transition from Infant School to Primary School to Lower Secondary they have already acquired a broad range of knowledge and skills including critical thinking from the play-based approach. The use of the Oxford International Curriculum further enhances their knowledge and skills in Literacy, Science, and Mathematics. Our expansive use of space is double the amount required per student by the Ministry of Education. The light, open classrooms create a feeling of light airiness in the classes and are conducive to creativity, as well as benefiting the students’ and teachers’ mental health. Lessons are all in English, with the exception of Arabic, Mandarin, Islam, and Social Studies and Citizenship. 

For children with a non-Arabic passport, we offer the opportunity to learn Arabic as a Second Language, Religion, and Social studies. We prioritise wellbeing in our curriculum due to its immediate benefits and enduring influence on mental health. Our environment and tailored activities offer opportunities to address children’s wellbeing needs both intentionally and intuitively. One key approach is through emotional regulation, expression, and a supportive and collaborative culture. Furthermore, we encourage children to engage mindfully in their interactions and behaviours to promote practices consistent with Positive Psychology.

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