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Kindly take your time to review the following information on our Admissions procedures before filling up the Online Application Form:

1. Ensure to use Google Chrome.
2. Full name of the student should be entered exactly as per the passport.
3. Please ensure that all the information is entered accurately.
4. All fields are mandatory and incomplete forms will be rejected automatically.
5. A list of supporting documents should be included upon submitting the application.
6. Failure to submit the required documents accurately will result in rejecting the application.
6. Parents are only allowed to submit one application form per year.
7. Upon submission of the online Application Form, you will receive a confirmation email that you have successfully completed the application form. Submitting the application form does not mean that your child has been accepted in school.
8. Registration approvals will be based on selection.
9. Both interviews and entry examinations must be passed to be considered for admission.
10. For Pre School to Year 1 admissions, you will be required to submit the Interview assessment and video’s after submitting the Application Form.
11. For the Year 2 onwards admissions, you will receive an email/call with the entry examinations and interview schedule.
12. Parents will receive confirmation email when child is accepted/rejected.

Required Documents

(Before acceptance, After Acceptance and Before Starting at ARKS Diyar)

For successful completion of the online application form, please upload the following documents:

● Passport and CPR for parents and student
● Birth certificate
● Vaccinations record
● Residency Permit
● (1) passport size photo
● Conduct certificate for Year 2 onwards entry
● Final report card from any previous school
● Parents also must complete The Ministry of Education transfer process Online for the admissions of (Year 3 onward) via

The required documents are:

● Scanned copies of the End of Year report card
● Scanned copies of the student’s CPR of both sides.
● Leaving Certificate.
● Acceptance letter from the school
● Equivalency Certificate from Ministry of Education for abroad applicants.

Parents must complete and submit the acknowledgment form of Admission policies and procedures before their child can start at school.

Online Application

Kindly click on the link below to apply online

Entry Assessment

Entry assessments and interviews:

• An interview will be conducted for Pre-school and Year 1 entry along with the application form.
• Students applying for Year 2 to Year 5 should sit for an entry examination in Arabic, English and Math, along with an interview.
• Non-Arab students will be excluded from the Arabic entry examination.

More Information

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us via email [email protected]

P.O. Box: 50075, Muharraq, Kingdom of Bahrain

Tel. (+973) 17000531
Fax. (+973) 17000532
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