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Every ARKS Diyar student has ample opportunities to flourish outside of the classroom- whether through sports, the creative and performing arts or any other activity, our students have every opportunity to get involved and excel in their chosen fields. The campus and staff will offer not only quality but also a range of learning and enrichment opportunities that helps to ensure every student has the opportunity to reach their greatest potential.

The school is committed to our local, regional and international community. We believe we have a responsibility to help those less privileged through genuine and sustainable service opportunities. Through camps, service-based learning and student-led action projects, we envisage regular school charity events that strive to make a difference, as was our Founders core values of: Integrity, Excellence, Service, Internationalism and respect for persons and the environment. I believe this will make well rounded, citizens as was the wish of our late Founder.


Mr. Tariq Abdullatif Jasim Kanoo
Chairman of the Executive Team at ARKS Diyar