ARKS Diyar Sports Day

Abdulrahman Kanoo School Diyar held its first All School Sports Day on the 8th of March. The FIFA football pitch was arranged by the school’s PE Department, with a variety of collaborative games. Commencing the programme with a warm up to music the children are familiar with, the excitement was palpable. The day was a unique opportunity to commence the roll out of the school’s house colour’s, supported by staff and students. The field was a wash with green, blue, yellow and red, with all students from Nursery to Yr 5 participating in a fantastic event.

Speaking on behalf of the day, Ms Yelana Ciric- Head of PE Department noted, “The key to a successful sports day is making sure that everyone is having fun. There should be a range of activities and sports available. Activities should not only focus on competition, but also effort, health, and friendship! Setting and achieving goals, playing well, being active. Supporting teammates, playing well as a team, showing good sportsmanship.”