ARKS Diyar Sports Day

Abdulrahman Kanoo School Diyar (ARKS) held its annual Primary and Infant school sports days this week. The school’s holistic approach means that Sport is an important part of the curriculum, and echoes the school’s cross curriculum approach to all things well-being.  Based on participation and enjoyment, the days are centred around fun activities to encourage the students to be physically active. The school, both staff and students, is divided into “Houses” from the Admission process, with the belief that it fosters a sense of belonging. It is one of the most distinctive characteristics of an ARKS education and is central to our culture and individual success. In order to help students to build strong bonds and supportive relationships and atmosphere within each house, Sports Day at ARKS is categorised as a “House Event” in which students compete with each other for their own Houses. 


The PE Team managed to run a variety of physical activities in five different locations across the 26, 608 sqm campus of which house four multipurpose pitches which are FIBA and FIFA approved. Students participated in competitive sporting activities such as Football Cup on a Multi purpose court, Basketball Cup in the Sports Hall,  an obstacle course on a Handball pitch, tricycle races and parachute fun games on our outdoor Basketball Court, and many other Fun games at our Football pitch. 


Big thanks to the ARKS staff for supporting a memorable event for our students. We had a lot of fun while celebrating diversity and showcasing the students’ talents, giving them the opportunity to take part in many activities other than sports, such as dance, art work and cheering. The students took an active part in such a special event, making the  opening ceremony exquisite. They all showcased their talents by taking part in dancing, cheering, decorating and earning some extra house points.  We were having fun by playing fair, playing as team players, supporting and encouraging teammates. Everybody was included and accepted, throughout the day we were celebrating diversity while having fun 


ARKS values physical education and wants to establish a tradition of sports. Sports not only enhance students’ confidence and self-esteem but also help students to build social skills, develop positive mentality and help contribute to the unity of the school community. We have world-class facilities and excellent PE teachers to provide a wide range of sports programs for our students. Our ultimate goal is to develop an active and healthy lifestyle for our students which will lead to life-long benefits.