Book Week

Book Week theme has been designed to inspire teachers, librarians, and children Every year since 1987. The 2024 theme ‘Read Your Way’ emphasizes nurturing a love for reading across all ages. April 23 is designated as World Book and Copyright Day, or International Day of the Book, and it is observed globally to encourage people to enjoy reading.

The highlight of the week was undoubtedly the thriving Book Fair, where local bookstores displayed a diverse array of reading materials. The event was met with great enthusiasm, fostering a love for reading that is sure to endure beyond Reading Week.

Reading Week at ARKS was a resounding success, with students fully immersing themselves in the pleasure of reading through engaging activities and storytelling sessions. The enthusiasm was noticeable as both students and staff participated wholeheartedly in World Book Day, showcasing attire inspired by characters from their beloved books.

The finale of the programme saw staff and students dressed in their favourite characters. Everyone participated from the Principal, HOS, Operation and Academic side to showcase their favourite cahracters from their favourite books. There were superheroes from Mr. Men book characters such as Mr. Busy, Mr. Happy and Mr. Tickle. Students were happy and smiles were filled at ARKS Diyar.