Baby Olympians

Congratulations to our Infant School Staff and students who participated in the Baby Olympians opening ceremony! ARKS was chosen as one of the three schools only, to perform for the opening ceremony. Thank you for making ARKS proud.

Baby Olympians was a four day event in which each school participated for 3 days. ARKS Olympians were there on Sunday for the opening ceremony, and on Monday and Wednesday for a variety of Olympic activities.

The opening ceremony on May 5th marked the beginning of a thrilling three-day extravaganza filled with colorful displays and enthusiastic cheers. Throughout the event, our students showcased their athletic prowess in a variety of adorable Olympic games tailored for their age group.

The closing ceremony on May 8th was a joyous affair, where our young athletes were celebrated and rewarded for their efforts with presents and awards. This unforgettable experience fostered teamwork, perseverance, and a love for sportsmanship among our students, creating lasting memories and lessons for the future.